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Travel Blanket  Sankt Petersburg

Travel blanket, as it is intended as a blanket for traveling.

For the warming and cuddly blanket, exclusive woven furs and non-sensitive and easy-to-clean outer fabrics were selected for the interior surfaces.

The travel blanket is a small to medium sized blanket that you can use for a variety of purposes and situations. On benches, in the beer garden, on cold leather seats in the car or even for your dog as a protective and lying blanket with friends, in the restaurant or when traveling in the hotel.

It is a warming and protective underlay for all exterior and interior areas.

The blanket is light and quick to spread, can be easily folded into a bag and is elegant to wear.

Our fabrics are high-quality designer fabrics from well-known manufacturers, easy-care and washable at 30 ° in the washing machine.

A precious and helpful accessory for him and her - a home away from home for your dog.

It is available in two sizes M and L

- Made in Germany -

Model: Sankt Petersburg


- Exterior: made of 100% polyester

- Bedding (lying): Faux fur made of 100% acrylic

- Grosgrain Ribbon: made of 100% viscose

- shiny nickel-plated carabiner

- optional: inside pocket - closed with a zipper

- short carrying handle

- removable shoulder strap


- Outside: black

- Inside: black

Dimensions (width x length):

- M 60 cm x 80 cm,                 folded as a bag 28 x 38 cm

- L 80 cm x 100 cm,                folded as a bag 38 x 48 cm

RRP (Euro): 


368,00 Euro            

446,00 Euro            

398,00 Euro          

471,00 Euro          

- M   without inside poket

- M   with inside poket

- L    with out inside poket

- L    with inside poket

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